“Who Lives With Whom? Why? And How?” Summer Camp

15.07.-22.07.2019 – Kommune Waltershausen (Thüringen) Who-Lives-With-Whom? is a queer*feminist summer camp critical of power structures. It is about diverse concepts of life, communal life of younger and older people, political activism and how all of that works together nicely. Offering an interesting program, mostly for adults, younger participants won‘t miss out either – everyone is invited for discussion and networking. We want to play, reflect, question norms, sit by the fire, change political conditions and support each other in living alternatives until they become self-evident for us and society. What is important for us as the orga team is that people who join the camp critically question and challenge themselves, their position in this world and their way of dealing with the latter. Along the lines of do-it-yourself and do-it-together, we have already set up a certain framework. However, we will decide together on the final organisation of the camp. Everyone is asked to become involved and support one another! Let’s share and learn together – it is not about preparing or knowing something perfectly or having thought something through till the end. Bring in your ideas, workshops and colouring books! There will be a cooking group dishing out vegan food as well as a group sitting/playing with children. Further, workshops and cultural activities are currently being planned, as are the camp‘s structure and awareness structures. The camp fees are based on self-assessment. To ensure better planning this year, there is a restricted number of participants. So sign up here. Information about accessibility can be found here (for now only in german). If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@wer-lebt-mit-wem.de . See you soon, The preparation crew 2018