Who feels responsible for accompanying young people? For how long, with which reliability and how often? What are all the options available? Which form can I choose when I refuse to or can’t live in a “normal” nuclear family? How do other people do it and how do they feel about it?

How can I actually tell younger people about what matters to me? How can I make common experiences with them, learn and grow? What is the impact of nursery schools and schools – and how could it be different?

How can I support young people in developing and living according to their own understanding of themselves inspite of prevailing social expectations regarding gender roles?

How can I shape my daily life with younger people on the basis of an approach that is aware and critical of racism? What racist structures, experiences and beliefs have an impact on my life, be it openly or unconsciously? Where and how do I contribute to the reproduction of bias? What can I change within me?

Which power do I, as an „adult“, have on a „child“? How can I deal responsibly with it? How can I strengthen younger people and include them without overly challenging them?

Living with children IS political – and how can I live with children and remain within political structures? How should these structures be shaped so that children and their significant people can be part of them?

Is a community a potential solution for me? Collectives, communes, collective housing – what can be tough about them and which potential do they have?

Some of us reading this have been living practical answers to some of these questions for years. For others among us, some of these issues may still be a little new. We want to manage to create a frame where deeper discussions requiring a certain background knowledge can take place while providing sufficient space for many, many questions

We would be happy if there were many offers for children again this year. We are interested about your Ideas. Talk to us if you need material or have questions about the premises. Otherwise just bring everything that could be fun for children!