About the Camp

“Who Lives With Whom? Why? And How?” Summer Camp

This year the camp will take place at kommune Waltershausen (close to Erfurt, Thüringen) from July 25 till August 1, 2018 and together we’ll (once again) get a taste of the good life. Furthermore, we will meet from July 22 till July 24, right before it starts to build some more infrastructure/prepare the camp!

Everything for everyone! Well… a lot for all, some only for older people and a lot for the younger ones. We want to provide diverse activities for younger people of various age groups. We are planning to have a group of people who want to spend time with and care for younger people during the workshop phases. We also want to provide younger people with the opportunity to actively take part in and shape decision making structures.

The camp aims to be a space for all people: With workshops and participatory options for different age groups, affordable food for all, a clear daily structure, financial models for the participation towards camp and travel costs based on solidarity, awareness groups and a Women Lesbian Trans Inter* camping area. We are working on solutions for people in wheel chairs, for translations and further needs. Do get in touch with us so that we can think together about what is needed and how to make it possible.

You are welcome to offer workshops, room for exchange etc on all kinds of issues.
There are also typical WLMW-topics, such living with (and being responsible for) Kids, how to deal with stress and overload, education, discrimination, feminism, being queer and critiques of capitalism.

The camp thrives on your questions, ideas, workshop offers, contributions to discussions, etc… We’re already looking forward to all of this and to seeing you! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@wer-lebt-mit-wem.de .

See you soon,
The preparation crew 2018