Childcare wanted!

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Dear kindergarden teachers, childcare workers, social workers, fun-with-kids makers and all those who would like to be…

This year “Wer lebt mit wem” (Who lives with who) is happening again. It’s a queer*feminist summercamp which works with a bunch of diverse themes around family concepts, living together with younger and older people, political work and emancipatory empowerment. It will take place from July 15th-22nd in the Kommune Waltershausen (Thüringen). Alongside the exciting program, which is more for the adults, kids should also get the chance to build networks, talk with each other, exchange experiences and make a lot of mess with paints.

So we also worked on an ample program for kids and now we are looking for people who could imagine to accompany the kids during the camp.

Do you want to hang around with kids (mostly 1-8years) and work together on interesting projects? Great! Ideally, we are looking for people who have some experience with groups of children, maybe even educators or social workers?!

It’s important for us that you are in some way connected to queer and emancipatory themes, are aware of prejudices, and that you have fun and interest in working on those themes.
Since it is important for us to honor care work the same way as other workshop work, we will pay a little, called “Aufwandsentschädigung” (tax-free payments without any connection to the social system up to a certain amount in the year). You will work around 4h/day and we will pay no less than the minimum wage (9,50€/h) – how much exactly depends on how our overall financial plan will work out.

We have worked out a good concept which allows for proper breaks as well good time with the children and work preparation time. You will work in a team and talk with us about the amount of work and tasks you want to take. Therefore, we should meet once or twice before the camp. In case you don’t want to do childcare throughout the camp but have something else to offer, for example one workshop anything you can think of…please also contact us!

If you are interested write us by 04/01/2019 to and let us know a little about you. We look forward to meeting you!

All the best,
the kidsteam of the wer-lebt-mit-wem

lost and found

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The WLMW 2018 is over and, as always, not only beautifull memories are left behind, but also some stuff you might want to get back.
If you recognise one of the items below, just send a mail to: .

Out now: Flyers for WLMW 2018

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You can find the flyers in english and german on the sidebar. If you’re up for it, print some to give to your friends or to display in nice places. WLMW appreciates the support.